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Assalammualaikum And Hai !!!

Okay Yaya Nak Ajar Korang Buad Welcome Image.. But Sorry lah For Blogskin Users Ini Tuto Just For Denim,simple Or Other Template Except BLOGSKIN ... Its Is A easy Tutorial Okay.. i know Most Of You Can Do This.. Okay I know this Tuto Is Old.. but I do this Tuto Bcoz I do Some Goodies For You,,
Even Malas Tapi ntah lahh,, Yaya buad Goodies Welcome Image Tuh Simple jah.. Law Nak guna Ambik Lahh.. 
No need To pay punn. Buts If You re-tutorial This Tuto Or Copy My Homemade Goodies Without My permission.. Hmm Xmarah pun Ar,, Suka hati korang ar...
Uishh Baik yer hati yaya neyh,,Heyy Opkos lahh :)

okay Continue To our Tuto

Go to Design>Edit HTML> Tick Expand Widget Template>CTRL+F

Then Copy And Paste It


Found It? Next Copy This Code Above It

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
/* toggle() checks to see if the images has already been faded
or not and sends the appropriate variables to opacity(); */
function toggle(el,milli) {
// Get the opacity style parameter from the image
var currOpacity = document.getElementById(el).style.opacity;
if(currOpacity != 0) { // if not faded
fade(el, milli, 100, 0);
} else { // else the images is already faded
fade(el, milli, 0, 100);
/* changeOpacity() uses three different opacity settings to
achieve a cross-browser opacity changing function. This
function can also be used to directly change the opacity
of an element. */
function changeOpacity(el,opacity) {
var image = document.getElementById(el);
// For Mozilla
image.style.MozOpacity = (opacity / 100);
// For IE
image.style.filter = "alpha(opacity=" + opacity + ")";
// For others
image.style.opacity = (opacity / 100);
/* fade() will fade the image in or out based on the starting
and ending opacity settings. The speed of the fade is
determined by the variable milli (total time of the fade
in milliseconds)*/
function fade(el,milli,start,end) {
var fadeTime = Math.round(milli/100);
var i = 0; // Fade Timer
// Fade in
if(start < end) {
for(j = start; j <= end; j++) {
// define the expression to be called in setTimeout()
var expr = "changeOpacity('" + el + "'," + j + ")";
var timeout = i * fadeTime;
// setTimeout will call 'expr' after 'timeout' milliseconds
// Fade out
else if(start > end) {
for(j = start; j >= end; j--) {
var expr = "changeOpacity('" + el + "'," + j + ")";
var timeout = i * fadeTime;
<div class="input" onClick="javascript:toggle('wise', 3000); this.style.display='none';
<center><img src="url welcome Image"
<div id="wise" style="filter : alpha(opacity=0); -moz-opacity : 0; opacity : 0;">
<div id="june" style="display : none;">

ABC:  Put Your Welcome Image URL

Preview And Save It :)

Opss Haha,, Terlupa Pulak,, Masa korang Click save Uh Ade Kua Something kan..


Psstt : You Just Click DELETE WIDGET  Kay :)

Here We Go To My Goodies :)

Its Simple But I like It... If You Like Just Take it :)

//Click To The Picture Okay